A Mockery of Salvation

Today's victim only wanted to have "Salvation" on his arm, tattooed in Hebrew:

Like many before him, this guy got his Hebrew ink backwards. Unlike others, this backward tattoo has a meaning. It reads as a slightly misspelled "The Mocker", nifty eh?

For those considering a similar tattoo, I should mention that today's victim had chosen an unusual word for "Salvation". In Hebrew, the word "Geula", when written correctly, does mean "Salvation", but it's not the only word with that meaning.

Usually, Christians like "Yeshua" for their Hebrew tattoos, as this is the word which the name Jesus derives from.

For today's Hebrew lesson we will learn to write "Salvation" in Hebrew:

The top word is "Geula", Salvation as our victim originally intended. On the bottom is another Salvation, the one Jesus was named after. Pick your favorite


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