Hebrew Tattoo Idea

This site will custom design your Hebrew Tattoo. they translate it, and offer many fonts. They can even provide you with ideas for a your Hebrew Tattoo, like I have in a few of my posts here at Bangari. See:  Hebrew Tattoo Idea.
If you are considering a Hebrew Tattoo, it is vitally important that you consider what might go wrong with this creative endeavor. Remember, it takes lasers and a shit-load of money to undo a tattoo mistake! They go on much easier than they come off, and it can be very difficult to cover them up with more ink and another design, although that is a good option if it’s done by a talented tattoo artist.
If this is your first tattoo, let me correct a common misnomer:


Going under the needle is like going under the knife –minus the anesthesia! If you are a man, then it is going to hurt! Women have a much higher tolerance for pain, and I know some women who have practically slept through the process. But to guys…It will feel like the tattoo artist is carving the design into your flesh with an Exact-O knife.
Now, besides wimping out sometime after ink has been embedded in skin, yet before the artwork is complete, what else can go wrong with a tattoo? 
  • What seems like a good idea in your mind, looks like shit on your skin!
  • It gets infected, or your body rejects it.
  • You get a disease from dirty equipment
  • The “artist” is a hack
  • You get it in a place (on your body) where it is difficult or impossible to conceal
  • It’s misspelled , or translates differently than expected.
That last potential problem can be avoided by contacting Hebrew Tattoo.com. I highly recommend their very affordable translation services. For around $5.00 (USD) they will verify that your tattoo translates properly. Sometimes, especially in the Hebrew language which is read right to left, arranging the letters in a vertical or band layout, can cause the meaning to change.
If you found an idea here at Bangari, great! However, we don’t speak Hebrew, so we can’t be sure that our translations are correct. Have it verified by a Hebrew speaker! The folks at Hebrew-Tattoo will enable you to rest assured — you will not regret the tattoo you earned!


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